THG Lollapalooza 2012 VIP Lounge
In anticipation of the 2013 launch of Thompson Chicago, and in keeping with the rock 'n' roll spirit of Lollapalooza, Thomson Hotels engaged New York designer Adam Aleksander to create a rock 'n' roll themed photobooth and a Keith Richards inspired party space in the form of a hotel room, offering onlookers a glimpse into the personality of Thompson. Representative of the sophisticated luxury that is synonymous with Thompson Hotels, this space is embellished with sumptuous fabrics for comfort and the hotel room ephemera one might expect of a global nomad. Adam and his team used moulding and faux finishing to bring additional character to the vast expanse of wallspace, as well as hung chandeliers to divert attention away from the ceiling, created fake french doors with chicago skyline photos behind it.  There was a faux fireplace with acceting manly pieces including the 5 ft. elk horns and a match stick neon light over the bed. The infamous sheepskin rug was even incorporated... (remember when the police stormed into Kieth's place while he and John Lennon were on acid, the police came upstairs to find a nude woman wrapped up in a sheepskin blanket). A trip to say the least.